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Release notes: Dialogue v2.1

Louise Cato -

We've rolled out a new release of Dialogue: v2.1.

What's new in v2.1
• Fluid-width content throughout. We made Dialogue responsive (mobile-friendly) back in v2. Now, all rich media embeds (videos, images, tables etc) also automatically resize to fit the width of the user's screen/window. Read more about adding rich media to Dialogue.
• We've changed the font from Open Sans to the (in our opinion, nicer and easier to read) Lato – a small change, you might think, but these things matter!
• More flexible tags: within the 35 character limit, you can now use any number of words or numbers – including non-Latin characters (é, Й, ü, etc).
• Smoother switching when sorting ideas. Sometimes, changing between 'latest', 'highest rated' and 'most comments' on the ideas page would take you to the top of the page – causing some unnecessary scrolling back down. Now, you'll stay at the same place on the page when clicking these buttons.
• Lastly, a tiny thing but one that bothered us… In the admin side, the small logos in the footer and browser bar have been replaced with the up-to-date version (squirrel instead of puzzle piece)!

Dialogue Success Guide
In case you're not already familiar with this, or perhaps if you want to share it with some colleagues, we've put together a pretty comprehensive guide to planning and running a successful Dialogue – covering everything from question design to effective promotion.