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When do I use a survey and when do I run a Dialogue challenge?

Louise Cato -

When making policy, designing services, or even just looking for feedback, there are a number of ways to gather views from your audience. At certain times in the process a survey or question-based consultation will be best, but in others a more open approach like a Dialogue challenge would be more suitable. 

We've created a couple of documents which we hope will be helpful in determining which approach to take and when, and we've given a few real-life examples of how this has worked.

In the 'Survey vs Dialogue' PDF attached to this article, you'll be shown the differences between the two in an easy-to-grasp format, to help you make the decision of which approach to start with.

In the 'Using Dialogue and Citizen Space together' PDF, there are explanations of what each platform does and examples of how to use a combined approach with both a survey tool and Dialogue to reach your audience, plus when and how to use each one.