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Email notifications in Dialogue

Louise Cato -

In Dialogue, users can be sent an email notification if there has been any new activity on their idea, or on an idea on which they have commented.

If you would like email notifications enabled on your Dialogue, let your account manager know and we can get that turned on for you.

How it works

If email notifications are enabled on your Dialogue then your users can opt-in to receive them and they'll be sent one email a day with any updates, so they won't get spammed. The emails are only sent during daytime hours (9am until 10pm).

The email will be sent to them if:

  • They have submitted ideas which have received any new comments
  • And/or there has been new activity (new comments) on any ideas on which they have commented

They must have verified their email address to receive the emails and the email will contain links to all items of theirs meeting the criteria above.


New users registering will be asked on the registration form if they want to receive notifications, this is a simple yes/no radio button question.

Registration page with the opt in option for notifications. Screenshot.


Existing users will not be opted in to notifications automatically, but if they wish to turn notifications on they can do so by:
1) Once logged in, clicking on their name in the top of the site to go to their profile
2) Selecting the tab for Profile and Settings
3) They will see an option on their profile to 'Enable email notifications when other users reply to your ideas or comments" which is a simple yes/no radio button question - they just need to select the 'Yes' option and it will be done.

Registered user's profile page with the opt in option for notifications. Screenshot.