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Budget Simulator - Shareable Budgets

Katherine Rooney -

Budget sharing provides a unique URL for each respondents 'shareable budget page', which can then be shared on social media.

The 'shareable budget page' displays the submitted choices for each service area including the consequences of each selected option. The page also includes a link for the viewer to go and create their own budget, encouraging further participation. 

Shareable Budgets user journey:

Respondents take part in the Budget Simulator by moving the sliders, viewing their consequences page, filling in the demographics questions (optional), and then clicking the 'Submit Budget' button. 

If Shareable Budgets is enabled, the respondent will see the following on the 'Thanks' page:

thanks_page_with_sharing.png The respondent can share their budget in three different ways:

  • By copying and pasting the URL link. This is a unique URL for each respondent's Sharing Page.
  • By clicking 'Share on Facebook', which looks like this:


  • By clicking on 'Share on Twitter', which looks like this:


The Sharing Page looks like this:


Shareable Budgets is switched off by default. If you would like it to be switched on for your site, please contact your Account Manager.