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Release notes: Dialogue v2.5

Natalie Williams -

v2.5 of Dialogue was rolled out to customer sites on Monday 11 December 2017.

Email notifications

A daily notification email will go out if there has been new activity for a user's ideas or comments. It'll include links to any ideas they have either submitted or commented on, which have had additional comments added in the past 24 hours. Users can opt-in to notifications - via the registration form for new users, or via their profile for existing users

Registered user profile screen with email address field and option to opt in for email notifications.

This notification means that your collaborators can keep more up-to-date with what's happening in your challenges, and this also helps for when you as an organisation respond to people's ideas and comments. Your opted-in users will receive that email update making them aware that you're listening.

You can find out more about how notifications work in this support article and please do get in touch if you'd like us to turn these on for your Dialogue platform.

Our thinking

You may wonder why we've taken some time over bringing in notifications. We wanted to be very mindful of building ones which keep the conversation moving, but which don't result in your users being spammed. We also wanted to keep the thoughtful, constructive nature of Dialogue interactions intact. Most of us know how the lure of instant notifications in social media can sometimes lead to unhealthy rather than collaborative communication; we didn't want that for Dialogue. We hope to have struck the right balance.