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Saved questions

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The 'Saved questions' feature allows site admins to save questions so that common questions may be reused by admins instead of repeatedly typing them into your consultations, e.g. equalities monitoring questions.

When a question is added to the saved questions repository, this saves a copy of that question which you can use in current or future consultations. And don't worry - the site admin can add and delete saved questions from the repository without affecting any of the previous consultations that you may have added them to.

Please note: Only site admins are able to save questions. At this time you are not able to save full pages, just questions.


How to save a question to your Citizen Space site (site admins only)

After you have added a question to your survey, you can make it a saved question by clicking Copy to saved questions.

the question page with copy to saved questions circled


How to add a saved question to your consultation (all admins)

To add a saved question to your survey, select the page that you want to add your question to and click Add a saved question.

the online survey sidebar on the left with add a saved question circled in red under the highlighted question

You will be taken to the saved questions page. This lists all the questions that have been saved, grouped into categories. Once you have chosen the question that you wish to add click the Add this question button next to it.

the saved question page with the add this question button circled in red


Managing Saved Questions

To create different categories or delete saved questions click on the Saved Questions link in the navigation bar. Please note that only site admin users can manage saved questions.


Your menu of options looks like this: