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Accessibility labels

Kate Laine-Toner -

What is an accessibility label?

An accessibility label is text you need to enter for certain answer components. The purpose of the label is to be instructive and make it clear what the respondent needs to do to answer the question.

In Citizen Space, the answer components that require you to fill in an accessibility label are:

  • text box
  • email address
  • file upload answer component

NB: If a label is not providing useful information to the end-user then it can be hidden.


Why do I need to add labels?

These labels are partly required to ensure that our software is accessibility compliant. For example, screen-readers used by people with visibility problems will pick up the information included within an accessibility label field, so the end-user understands what information they are supposed to be adding into an answer component.

If you’re interested, this Youtube video provides a more in-depth overview of accessibility labels and their importance.


How do I add accessibility labels?

1. Create a question and write its text and click Save Changes:



2. Select your answer component from the dropdown:

image of the question screen showing the drop-down menu of answer components to choose from


3. Enter your label text. This is the instructive text that gives the respondent guidance on how to answer the question.

image of the question screen showing an example label field

You may choose to tick the "Hide this label" option if you don't want your label to show to the general public. It will still be read by accessibility reading devices.

Click Add Component.


4. Preview your question and revise the text if necessary.

image of the question screen showing multiple choice answer component and a comments box 


What are examples of useful labels I can add?

Examples of useful labels will depend on the context of the questions being asked. Here's some examples:

- 'Please provide further comments'
- 'Please give us your views'
- 'If you are responding on behalf of an organisation please indicate which one'

NB: In the case of a file upload answer component, your label should say, 'Here you are able to upload a file to support your response'.

Your organisation may also wish to specify the type of file you expect.

Please note that the text you enter in the "label" field will also be automatically copied through to the "report field heading". This is to try and minimise the number of fields on the page an administrator is required to fill in. If required, the "report field heading" can of course, be edited.