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Unpublished (Draft), Published and Deleted consultations

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There are three potential states that a consultation can be in: Unpublished (otherwise known as Draft), Published or Deleted.


consultation dashboard with the word 'unpublished highlighted
In this state, the consultation has been created by an administrator, and has either not been published to a publicly viewable area of Citizen Space yet, or has been 'retracted'. Unpublished consultations are only visible to administrators (on the Manage Consultations page). Consultation information may be edited by administrators in this state without the public seeing the changes. From the 'unpublished' state, the consultation may either be published, or deleted.


Consultation dashboard with the term 'published' highlighted
Published consultations are publicly viewable and may only be edited by administrators if retracted. Published consultations will display whether the consultation is in the Forthcoming, Open or Closed states. Citizen Space changes these states automatically in the system, in line with the dates set by the administrator. From this point, a consultation can either be deleted or retracted

Retracting a consultation moves it back into the 'unpublished' state, while preserving any responses that have been given by the public. It is also possible to add a 'consultation unavailable' message in this state: which helps minimise disruption to respondents.

Image of the 'delete' option

Deleted consultations are not shown to the public or administrators and no longer appear anywhere on Citizen Space.

Take great care when deleting consultations. Unlike computer files, they do not go into a 'Trash' folder from where they can be retrieved - they will be permanently deleted. 

Only a member of the Delib team can retrieve consultations deleted in error. We are only able to do this for a short amount of time after the button has been pressed, so please contact us quickly if you have accidentally deleted a consultation.