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Consultation types - what are the different consultation types?

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There are four different consultation types to choose from in Citizen Space, depending what action respondents need to take to respond to the consultation. The type you choose changes what respondents see in the "call-to-action box" on the overview page of your consultation.

1. Online Survey allows citizens to respond online & saves their data within Citizen Space. If you want to ask your respondents any questions & have them be able to respond online, you must use this consultation type. The call-to-action box contains a link to enter the survey. Learn more about how to set up an Online Survey consultation.

Call-to-action box with heading saying Give us your views, and a link below that to the online survey


2. Email / Postal indicates that the main way to respond to the consultation is to download a document (.doc, .pdf or similar formats) and return the consultation by email or post. The call-to-action box contains a link to download that document. Learn more about how to customise an Email / Postal consultation.

Call-to-action box with heading saying Please use our survey form to respond, and a link below that to download the document


3. External Link indicates that the consultation is taking place somewhere else on the internet (for example, a dedicated consultation micro-site). The call-to-action box contains a link to take respondents to the other site. Learn how to customise an External Link consultation.

Call-to-action box with heading saying Take part in our partner organisation's consultation, and a link below that to go to another website


4. Offline is useful for creating an overview page to share some information, such as if the consultation is being undertaken via public meetings or a phone-based consultation. You can add any text or other content you want to the call-to-action box, such as an explanation of how to participate. Learn how to customise an Offline consultation.

Call-to-action box containing text about upcoming meeting dates and locations


If you would like to set up a consultation which combines the methods listed above, you'll need to set it up as an 'online survey' and then make reference to the alternative methods of responding on the consultation overview page.

List of consultation types with radio button to select the type as shown on the add consultation page

Please note that once the 'add consultation' button is clicked, the consultation type cannot be changed. The only way to correct this is to recreate the consultation with the correct consultation type, then delete the incorrect one.

Once you've decided on your consultation type, learn how to set up your consultation.