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Consultation status - Open, Closed and Forthcoming

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Once you have published your consultation there are 3 different statuses that your consultation could be in depending on open and close date which you have set on the 'edit consultation details' page.


Forthcoming consultations

These have an open date which is in the future. Forthcoming consultations automatically move to open at midnight on the specified start date (whereby midnight is taken as being at the beginning of the day) i.e if you want a consultation to be open from 1st October, you would set the consultation 'open' date to 1st October. Until that point, this box is displayed underneath the introductory text:

Open consultations

These are currently open for public response, and have not yet reached the specified close date. Open consultations automatically close at 23.59 on the specified close date. While they are open, this box is displayed underneath the consultation's introductory text:

It is possible to amend the call to action on your consultation overview page.


Closed consultations

These have a close date which has passed. Once a consultation is closed, the Give Us Your Views box (pictured above) is replaced by text of your choosing, such as What Happens Next or We Asked, You Said, We Did information

More information on closed consultations can be found here.