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Open and close dates - when does a consultation open and close?

Lorna -

When does a consultation open?

A consultation opens at 00:00 on the start date. Citizen Space will automatically open your consultation on this date, at this time, if a consultation has been published.


When does a consultation close?

A consultation will be open all day on the day it is due to close, it will close as the clocks tick over to the next day.

Hence, if a consultation in Citizen Space is set to close on the 26th of September 2016, it will be open right up until 26/09/2016 23:59. It will be closed automatically by Citizen Space from 27/09/2016 00:00 onwards.


Rest assured, no consultation will appear in the public side of your Citizen Space hub until it has been published, regardless of the open date passing.

To learn more about the difference between open, closed, forthcoming consultations, please read this article.

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