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Private consultations - how do I set up a private consultation?

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What are private consultations, and what can they be used for?

Private consultations are not publicly searchable and do not feature in the forthcoming, open and closed lists of consultations on the Consultation Hub homepage. They are given an obfuscated URL which you will need to share with your intended audience.

Private consultations can be used to consult with specific audiences, rather than the wider public. They allow you to consult on internal issues, or with a particular audience, without that consultation being publicly visible. 

For example:

  • employee satisfaction or other internal surveys
  • consulting specific stakeholder groups
  • engaging with citizen panel groups

How do I set up a Private Consultation?

1. To create a Private Consultation, first add a Citizen Space consultation as usual.

2. From the consultation dashboard, select option 1. Edit Consultation Details

3. On the Edit Consultation Details page there is a Private Consultation section with a checkbox option to Make this consultation private. Select the checkbox and scroll down to the bottom of the page to Save.

Once a consultation is made private, the pathname (the last part of the URL) becomes alpha-numeric, and the consultation will not be publicly searchable in the Citizen Space consultation finder.

It's worth knowing that you will not be able to edit this last part of the URL as you would normally.

A private consultation can only be found in searches by administrators. Other users can be given a difficult to guess URL. Private consultation URLs cannot be changed

How do I share my private consultation?

Once you have set up your private consultation using the steps provided, copy the Consultation URL from the Edit Consultation Details page. You can then e.g. share the URL on your intranet or email the URL out to your intended audience.

Alternatively, when you publish your private consultation the URL will be provided on the consultation dashboard for you to copy and share with your intended audience.

when a consultation is published, the URL of the consultation is shown on the dashboard above option 1. Edit consultation details and it says Private URL next to it

Please note: Private Consultations are not password-protected, nor will they ensure that only a certain group of people will respond to the consultation. 

Can I clone a Private Consultation?

Yes - Private Consultations can be cloned. However, the private setting will not have been carried through to the new clone, so you will need to ensure that the new clone has been set to private (by following the instructions above in this article) if you wish for the new clone to also be published as a Private consultation. See this article for more information about cloning consultations.

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