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Changing the activity owner

Annabel Harrison -

From your dashboard, go to 1. Edit Activity Details 

Scroll down to the Owner section. From the drop-down menu you can select a new user (the tick shows the current owner):

Dropdown list of option of admin users to select as owner. Screenshot.

The number of options available to you will depend on your user role - read more about different user roles and permissions.

A couple of notes of caution:

  • If you are a Site Administrator, you will be able to move the activity to a user in a different department, which will change the URL of the activity. It also means that any analysts will be unassigned from the activity. We would strongly recommend against doing this once an activity is published.
  • If the start date of the activity has already passed, the dropdown to change the owner will be greyed out. Read more information about why this happens and how to get around it if you need to.

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