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Word limit on the Text Box answer component

Rowena Farr -

There's no option to put a technical word limit on free text answer components in Citizen Space.

It is however, possible to encourage respondents to be brief in their response. You can take some steps to encourage people to be brief in two ways.


1) Choose an appropriately sized free text field

It's possible to include either a small, medium or large free text field in an online survey in Citizen Space. This may encourage respondents to be more succinct.


2) Use the accessibility label to prescribe the amount of words you will allow for that answer

The size of the word limit suggested will of course, depend on the question being asked. For example, you could add a label such as 'please leave your comments below (max 150 words)' as per the example beneath. You can also advise respondents to be brief in the comments box and then provide them with an additional ‘file upload’ answer component for them to attach a document if they really wish to say a lot more.



Why isn't there a limit on the free text answer component?

There isn’t a word limit on open questions because we try to meet the needs of all our users. We are asked by many of our Citizen Space users to ensure the multiple line text boxes have no word limit to allow respondents to say everything they need to, whilst we are asked by a few to be able to restrict the amount respondents can type in the boxes! We need to be able to cater for everyone, so we have made the text box unlimited, but allowed for the size to be selected which best meets your needs and for you to put in text indicating how many words or characters you would like people to stick to.


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  • If you are cutting and pasting from Word, you can simply use your keyboard or browser functionality to copy/paste from word. Doing this will also keep most of the formatting (e.g. fonts and colours) from your Word document intact when importing the content into Citizen Space.