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Analysis - associating responses

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You may wish to associate responses if you feel that someone has submitted multiple responses. Associating responses could also be used to group respondents that belong to a particular demographic, or work for the same organisation.

To associate responses, go to the Consultation Dashboard and click Responses organised by respondent. You will then see all of the respondents to the consultation:

List of responses in the Response organised by respondent screen. Screenshot.

Select the responses you would like to associate by using the tick boxes and then clicking on Associate Selected.

On the next page, you'll see your associated responses:

Associate responses screen with the selected responses. Screenshot.

If you click on a response that has response(s) associated with it, the associated response(s) will also be displayed. 

Response screen of an associated response that lists the associated responses. Screenshot.

 Please note: The association between responses is not included in the .xlsx export of responses.