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Responses - how do I download or export my responses?

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Please note: while the written guidance in this article should be up to date, the screenshots may not be. Please bear with us. We’re carrying out work to update all the screenshots in the Knowledge Base for Citizen Space 7 and (hopefully) to automate the process for future. Thank you for your patience!

You can download both responses to individual questions or all responses to the whole survey.

How to:

Downloading all responses

Step 1

To download all responses received to date, select 'Download all responses' or 'Download all responses including analyst fields' from your dashboard.


Alternatively, you can select 'Responses Organised by Respondent' on your dashboard.

Consultation Dashboard with Response by Respondents section circled.

Step 2

In 'Responses Organised by Respondent' you can then 'Download all responses', 'Download all responses including analyst fields' and 'Download all documents' as well.

Respondents by respondents section screen with available link menu options including download all responses.

Download responses for a question

Step 1

To download all responses to a specific question, select 'Responses Organised by Question' on your dashboard.

Responses by Question screen.

Step 2

Select the relevant question that you want to download responses for.

Responses by question page.

Step 3

Select 'Export (.xlsx)' to download a file containing the responses to the question.

Generating the export

If you've chosen to download the export of all responses (either with or without analyst notes) you'll be taken to a screen showing you that your export is preparing and then saving.

Export screen message: Generating your export, please do not refresh or leave the page. Screenshot.

Once complete, the export will automatically download to your computer. If for any reason it doesn't, there's also a link provided so that you can download your export using that.

Successful export message: Export ready for download. Screenshot.

Downloading individual responses

In 'Responses Organised by Respondent', admins and analysts can download a PDF copy of each individual response.  This is identical to the PDF receipt emailed to respondents on submission of their response (if they supply their email address) and is useful if:

  • a respondent contacts you to request a copy of their response, e.g. if they didn't receive an email receipt; or
  • you would find it useful to print and review an individual response in a 'clean' format.

 Respondent list of individual PDF responses to download. Screenshot.

If necessary, admins can also export an individual response as a Microsoft Excel Open XML Format Spreadsheet (or .xlsx file). From the dashboard, select 'Responses Organised by Respondent' and add a filter for 'Response ID'. Enter the Response ID of the required response into the search bar and it will appear below. You can then use the button 'Download filtered responses' to export this single response in an .xlsx file format.

Response publishing downloads

If response publishing is enabled on your site, then you have additional download options including ‘Download approved responses with redactions’ and ‘Download published responses with redactions’. Find out more about the additional response publishing download options.