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Responses - how do I download or export responses from my consultation?

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You can download both responses to individual questions or all responses to the whole consultation.

Downloading all responses

Step 1

To download all responses to your consultation, click 'Responses Organised by Respondent' on your consultation dashboard.

Responses organised by respondent link on the consultation dashboard

Step 2

You can then 'Download all responses', 'Download all responses including analyst fields' and 'Download all documents'.

  Download all responses links on the responses by respondent page

Download responses for a question

Step 1

To download all responses to a specific question, click 'Responses Organised by Question' on your consultation dashboard.

Responses organised by question link on the consultation dashboard

Step 2

Click on the relevant question that you want to download responses for.

Responses by question page

Step 3

Select 'Export (.csv)' to download a file containing the responses to the question.

Export csv file of question responses link


Downloading individual responses


Consultation admins and analysts can download a PDF copy of individual responses.  This is identical to the PDF receipt downloaded by respondents on submission of their response.




The PDF receipt is available to all respondents when they enter an email address either in the survey or at the end of the survey after they submit their response. Being able to download a PDF copy of an individuals' response includes the following benefits:

  • Enables administrators to view an individuals' response in a 'clean' format. If you have a key responder, whose response you would like to print and review, this can be especially useful.
  • If a respondent ever re-requests a copy of their response then this is available for you to send to them.
  • Administrators can have a like-for-like copy of an individuals' response.
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