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Analysts - how do I assign people as analysts for a specific consultation or engagement activity?

Support -

Individual admins can only see and access a consultation if they are either the consultation owner, or alternatively if they've been assigned to the consultation as an analyst.

To invite another admin to access your consultation as an analyst, go to the consultation dashboard and select Manage Analysts.


You will see a list of all the users with registered profiles on your site and can choose who you wish to assign as an analyst by using the tick boxes and clicking Save Changes. (If you've not yet added Users to Citizen Space, learn how to here.)

Analysts can also be removed by unticking the box and then saving.


Next time they log in, anyone you've assigned as an analyst will be able to access your consultation by going to the heading Analyse Consultations in the pale blue menu bar across the top of the screen. This heading will only appear for users who have been assigned to at least one consultation as an analyst.