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Offline responses - how do I manually add attachments for an offline response?

Rowena Farr -

Offline responses may contain hard copy attachments or supplementary information which need to be included as part of an individual's response to a consultation. This article details how attachments to an offline response can be manually added to a consultation.

To add an offline response, click on Add a response manually from the consultation dashboard. This option appears in the left hand column, about halfway down:

Add a response manually link is highlighted

In order to upload files to a consultation, you will need to have added a question with a 'File Upload' answer component to your survey.  You will also need to scan the hard copies in order to upload them to the consultation.

Additional answers or comments to a particular question which need capturing in Citizen Space can be added in through the addition of an analyst-only answer component. This is is added in the same way as a regular answer component, but the check box 'is this for Analysis and Reporting purposes only?' has been checked.

What if a consultation is still live?

If the consultation is still live you will need to retract the consultation, and then amend your questions as needed (adding in additional answer components or new questions). It is best to plan for this and choose the exact question wording, etc., prior to retracting the consultation. This will allow you to quickly make the necessary changes and immediately re-publish your consultation. 

If respondents have supplied you with multiple hard copy attachments these can be uploaded by adding in multiple file upload answer components. See this article about multiple answer components for help with this.

Where do the analyst-only answer components and supporting documents appear on the exported report?

The analyst-only answer components appear next to the respondent answer components for each question. The supporting documents are also downloadable as attachments.


NB Responses that are added manually are assigned a response ID beginning with BHLF to indicate they have been entered on behalf of another person.


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