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PDF summary report - what does it include?

Rowena Farr -

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What does the PDF summary report include?

The report contains aggregated numeric data and charts showing the responses received. All data is anonymous, so this report is suitable for publishing straight to the web.

If the consultation is still running when the report is generated, an interim report is created.

It also includes:

  • The site wide logo, or any custom logos associated with that specific consultation, are displayed at the top of the report. 
  • The first page of the report has a table of contents broken down by survey page and question title. 
  • The report includes a section for each question, which may be presented in several ways depending on the question type.

How does the report deal with Quantitative questions?

  • Quantitative questions offer respondents the option to select either:
    one answer from selections provided (radio buttons, dropdown lists, single tick-boxes)
    or multiple answers (checkboxes)
  • The answers for each quantitative component are displayed as a bar chart and in a table

image showing the question and quantitative responses as a bar chart and table

How does the report deal with Qualitative questions?

For text and other qualitative questions, the total number of responses to that part of the question is shown, but qualitative answers are not included in the report in order to keep the data anonymous, (a full export of all responses can still be downloaded in .xlsx format at any time).

Note: Tags from qualitative responses will not show in the summary report.

Generating the report

Reports may take a while to generate, especially for consultations with a large number of questions or responses.  For this reason, reports are generated ʻin the backgroundʼ.  When you request a report, you are shown a message asking you to return to the dashboard a few minutes later to download your generated report:

A message says Report Requested. Please check back in 10 minutes