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Analysis - How do I tag responses?

Kate Laine-Toner -

Questions may be tagged at the point when they are set up, and if you have responses to your consultation, you may also tag responses. Click the appropriate link for what you would like to do:

I want to tag questions as I set them up

I want to tag existing responses

Tagging questions as you set them up

Step 1

Once you have created your question, to add tags to it, click on the blue Tags section below the answer component(s):

Tags section is highlighted, description says it is for use in analysis and reporting only and is not visible to the public

Step 2

This will open up the tag management area. From here, click on Manage tags:

Tag management area has links to delete, edit component, move up and manage tags

Step 3

Add the tags you would like to apply to that question:

Text box to add new tag has example Vandalism. Other tags are available as checkboxes with delete selected tags button.

The tags will appear in alphabetical order. There is no word limit on tags.


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Tagging existing responses

Step 1

In the consultation dashboard, click on Analyse Responses.

Analyse responses dashboard item

This link will take you into your first response to be analysed.

Step 2

Go to the question you would like to add tags to, and click on Manage Tags:

Sample answer is shown above text field for analyst to enter relevant sections

Step 3

Then add the tags you would like to apply to that question:

Text box to add new tag has example Vandalism. Other tags are available as checkboxes with delete selected tags button.

Step 4

Once you have added in your tags, you can then tag each question appropriately, by ticking the boxes for the tags you wish to apply to that response:

An example text answer describes that there is anti-social behaviour and drug activity in the area. These are quantitatively checked in checkboxes by an analyst with various tag options.

The tags will appear in alphabetical order. There is no word limit on tags.

NB. To ensure the response is marked as 'analysis complete' you must tick the checkbox by "Is analysis of this response complete?" in the yellow header bar when you have finished tagging.

Simultaneous response analysis

Sometimes when you have several analysts working on the responses to a consultation at the same time, it can occasionally result in two or more people trying to analyse the same response simultaneously. To minimise the risk of overlap, we recommend dividing up the responses and assigning analysts to specific Response IDs.

Citizen Space also has a warning system designed to minimise the risk of analysts overwriting one another's work. If you're analysing a response and another user saves analysis information for that same response in the meantime, when you select 'Save response' you will receive a warning message. Citizen Space will show you the analysis information already provided and ask you to confirm if you want to proceed with overwriting the other analyst's information, so you can make sure the right analysis is submitted.


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