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Changes to Delib's default Terms of Use, Cookie & Privacy Policies

Support -

Delib provides default Terms of Use which appear when you first start using Citizen Space. However, these do not constitute legal advice and we recommend that these are replaced with your organisation's own Terms of Use as soon as possible. There’s an article on how to do this: How do I add my organisation's Terms of Use?

However, over the next few weeks, we will be making some updates to Delib’s default text to the following Citizen Space pages:

  • Terms of Use
  • Cookie Policy
  • Privacy Policy

This isn’t a software update, but a manual review of each instance of Citizen Space, and the level of changes will depend on a few things.

Firstly, if we can see you have added your own Terms of Use or Policies, we won’t touch them. We’re only making changes where our default text is still in place.

Secondly, if your site uses Google Analytics (and you haven’t already mentioned it) then we’ll be adding some more information about that to your Cookie and Privacy Policies. If your site doesn’t use Google Analytics, nothing changes.

Here’s a bit more detail on exactly what’s changing:

Terms of Use

You can see the new default Terms of Use on the Citizen Space demo site. We’ve made a general update to the default text, which will include a lot more detail, plus specific reference to your organisation. We’re removing the paragraph on Privacy as this is already found in... the Privacy Policy! We thought it was a little unnecessary to have it here too.

Cookie Policy

We’ll be adding some information on Google Analytics, with a table to show details of the specific cookies Google Analytics uses.

Privacy Policy

We’ll add a link to your organisation’s Privacy Policy, and some information about Google Analytics where applicable.