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Support - how do I request support?

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Knowledge Base

This Knowledge Base is an online resource for information. It’s the first place you should check if you’re looking for help on how to use Citizen Space or for more information on a particular feature. 

To find the information you require:

  • Search the chapters to find the topic and article(s) relevant to your query
  • Type your query into the search box. It's best to use single-word or short search terms, as Zendesk (the software which powers the Knowledge Base) will look for each word you type in:

We’re constantly adding new articles to our Knowledge Base and tidying old ones to keep this resource up-to-date and useful.

Accessing help within Citizen Space

The Knowledge Base is also available from within Citizen Space. When you are logged in as an administrator, select the 'Support' link in the top right of your screen. Here you can find our Quick Start Guide and a link to access this Knowledge Base.

Help links are also included around Citizen Space, and we are always adding more where relevant.

Use our support address

If you can't find what you need in our Knowledge Base, you can contact us via the following methods: 

Send an email to support@delib.net

Emailing your issue to support@delib.net will automatically create a help desk ticket which can be seen by the whole support team.  This gives you the convenience of raising an enquiry using your usual email service which we will manage using our online ticketing system.

When submitting a query please include:

  • A descriptive title
  • A link to the page or activity
  • As much detail as you can about the issue. It often really helps us to know the type of browser and operating system being used
  • If you're seeing something unexpected, please include a screenshot of it
  • Contact details, so we can give you a call to chat through it if needed

Create a new ticket on the Delib help desk

Here you will enter your details as well as your problem or question; you can also attach files relevant to the enquiry (such as screenshots and other image files).  When your ticket is looked at we’ll let you know, and you’ll get email notifications about the status of your enquiry.

We manage enquiries from both routes using an online ticketing system called Zendesk.  It allows us to keep track of all enquiries and you’ll be able to clearly see the status of your query and who’s looked at it.

As a rule of thumb, we aim to have support enquiries resolved within one working day, but as the nature of technical problems can vary greatly, it can sometimes take us a little longer.  We'll always let you know if this is this is the case.

Call us!

If you have an urgent problem, then give us a call on one of the following numbers, depending on where you are in the world:

- if you're in the UK, then use 0845 638 1848
- For Australia, call Delib Australia on 1800 034 129
- For New Zealand, call 0800 446 167
- Worldwide, please call the UK Head Office on +44 117 381 2989 

We work typical office hours, so you should be able to catch one of us between 9am and 5:30pm UK, Australian and New Zealand time.

Your Customer Service Managers

Your customer success managers collectively possess a wealth of knowledge on all things Delib.  The support@delib.net address comes through directly to them (not some huge, outsourced call centre) so you will always be dealt with by a specialist.

It could also be worth contacting your dedicated customer success manager to arrange a training session if there are areas of Citizen Space that you or your team are not confident on and would welcome some further in-person guidance around, we're always happy to come and see you.