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Featured Consultations

Stan -

Citizen Space allows you to set ‘Featured Consultations’, which appear on your Citizen Space landing page. Only a Site Admin can set/remove Featured Consultations.

the hub homepage with featured consultations outlined in red and above the list of open consultations


How to set Featured Consultations 

You can find, add and manage Featured Consultations via the 'Pages' link in your site admin Manage bar. In this list you'll find a link called 'Featured Consultations'.

the Featured Consultations link at the bottom of the list of editable pages, which is circled in orange to make it prominent

This section gives you the option to choose new consultations to feature, using a simple search tool. And if you already have consultations featured, here you will see the list of those.

You can drag and drop the items in your list around and this will set the order in which they appear on your homepage, and you can delete consultations from the list really simply from here, too.

the list of featured consultations showing the two currently being featured, the drag and drop functionality, and the search box that an be used to find and choose additional featured consultations to add to the list.

If you want to find a consultation to feature using the search tool:

Select the 'Add consultations' link on this page and type your consultation's title or a keyword in the search field provided. This will give you all of your consultations with this title or keyword in them (in our example image, we'd be searching for 'planning' consultations.

Select the one from the list that you want to feature.

The search field showing the word planning in the title or keyword search box

Once you save the 'Featured Consultations' list page, the consultations in your list will appear in the featured consultations section on your Citizen Space homepage.

Adding images to your featured consultations

If you'd like to put a featured image on those consultations you've selected, you can do this via the dashboard of the consultation itself, and we'd recommend you do as it looks so much better.

To do this, go to the consultation's dashboard and head to the 'Featured Consultation' section which is on the bottom right of the page.


the featured consultations section of the dashboard circled to make it prominent


In the image section, upload an image which will appear next to the featured consultation, or you can select an image that has previously been uploaded to this consultationThe image will be resized and cropped as necessary to fit the featured consultation area, and will automatically look different on different screen sizes. Refer to our article on 'How do I make images look great in Citizen Space' for more advice on choosing the best image for this space. It's possible to preview the image on both desktop and mobile. Before you leave, remember to choose 'save changes'.

Then head over to your Citizen Space homepage to see how your featured consultation appears.


Another way to set a featured consultation:

You don't have to use the list in your 'Pages' section to add a featured consultation. It's also possible to add one from its consultation dashboard.

Head to the 'Featured Consultation' section and while you're in there you can select to 'Include in Featured Consultations list'. This will add it to your list. You can add an image to it while you're here, then manage it as described above via the Pages list.

The 'add to featured consultations list' radio button option in the featured consultations settings


Stopping a consultation being featured

Simply head to the Featured Consultations link in your 'Pages' list and select the red cross next to whichever consultation(s) you no longer want to be featured on your homepage. It's good to keep an eye on what's featured on your homepage and remove any which have closed or no longer need to be there.