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Featured Consultation

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Citizen Space allows you to set a ‘Featured Consultation’, which appears on the Consultation Hub above the list of forthcoming (if applicable), open and closed consultations. Only a Site Admin can set/remove a Featured Consultation.

It is important to note that only one Featured Consultation will appear on the Consultation Hub at a time. The site admin will need to stop featuring the consultation before a new consultation can be set as the Featured Consultation.

the hub homeage with an image of the featured consultation outlined in red and above the list of open consultations


How to set a Featured Consultation  

The below explains how to set a featured consultation when no consultation is being featured. To read about how to stop featuring a consultation click here.

Step 1 - once logged in as a Site Administrator, go to the consultation's Dashboard and select the 'Featured Consultation Settings' which is on the bottom right of the page.




Step 2 - select "Make this the featured consultation".


Step 3  - upload an image which will appear next to the featured consultation, or select an image that has previously been uploaded to this consultation NB using an image is optional. The image will be resized and cropped as necessary to fit the featured consultation area, and will automatically look different on different screen sizes. Refer to our article on 'How do I make images look great in Citizen Space V3' for more advice on choosing the best image for this space. It's possible to preview the image on both desktop and mobile. Remember to choose 'save changes'.


Step 4 - navigate to your Consultation Hub to see how your featured consultation appears.


Stopping a consultation being featured

To stop a consultation from being featured, the Site Admin will need to manually 'un-feature' the consultation.

Step 1 - go to the consultation dashboard of the featured consultation. Click on 'Featured Consultation'.

Step 2 - to remove a featured consultation from the hub, go to 'Feature Consultation' on the Consultation Dashboard and select 'Stop featuring this consultation'.

Step 3 - click on 'Save Changes'.