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Amending a live consultation

Stan -

It is possible to edit the details of a consultation after it has been published.

Warning: If a consultation has started gathering results, you should treat any amendments with care, especially when it comes to changes to the online survey. Read more about things to be aware of here.

Citizen Space allows you to edit the details from your Consultation Dashboard on the 'Edit Consultation Details' page at any time, which is very handy. This means that if you need to extend your consultation close date, replace a document, update a spelling mistake on the Overview page or include relevant links/updates — this can all be done with minimal impact on the consultation.

However, to change anything within the Online Survey, External Link, Email / Postal Consultation or Offline Event pages you will first need to retract the consultation.

To do this select the 'Retract' button on the Consultation Dashboard. NB the consultation will not be visible to members of the public visiting the site while it's retracted or unpublished. Instead a 'Consultation Unavailable' message will be displayed.

Consultation dashboard with red 'Retract' button outlined in red.

What about people who want to view the consultation while it is retracted? 

Any new respondents looking to submit their views will not be able to access the consultation whilst it is retracted.


What about people in the middle of a response? 

Any changes to the 'Edit consultation details' page will not affect respondents.

If you need to make changes to the online survey element: whilst you are editing the consultation, any users who are physically in the middle of a response will get a 'Consultation Unavailable' message when they click on to the next page. After the consultation is published again, they will be able to continue with their submission as long as they don't close their browser. Should they quit their browser part way through their submission (i.e. when they get the error message), then the cookies placed will be lost and they will not be able to view the consultation whilst retracted.

When you've finished editing the consultation always remember to publish it again by clicking on the 'Publish' button on the Consultation Dashboard.

Consultation dashboard with green 'Publish' button outlined in red.


What about people who have generated a 'Save-and-Return' link?

The 'Save-and-Return' link will continue to work for the respondent as long as the survey is published. If a respondent clicks the link when the consultation is retracted, they will see the 'Consultation Unavailable' message.

Once the consultation is published again the 'Save-and-Return' link will work the same as before. 

NB: There are issues for editing the URL of a live consultation - namely the 'Save-and-Return' link will not work - read more about this here.