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Preview - previewing a consultation before publishing

Support -

This article is for Citizen Space administrators wishing to preview their consultations. Follow this link to find out how to share a preview of your consultation with non-administrators.


Step 1 - Enter preview mode

You can preview your consultation at any time by selecting Preview Consultation on your consultation dashboard. It doesn't matter if your consultation is published or not, the preview will still work.


Step 2 - Review your consultation

When previewing the consultation you will see a yellow bar which allows you to see what the consultation will look like when it is open, closed and forthcoming. The default view shows you the consultation as open. Learn more about the difference between these three states.


It's also possible to jump to any individual page in a consultation to preview it. When in preview mode use the dropdown at the top of your consultation to select the page you wish to preview and select 'go'. This is an especially useful feature if you have required questions, or a very long consultation.


Step 3 - Preview for mobiles or smaller devices

You can get a very good feel for what a consultation will look like on a mobile or smaller device by looking at in a small browser window.

It is extremely easy to resize your browser window. To resize an Internet Explorer browser window, open a new window and drag the corners of the window box to expand or contract it. It's actually quite fun to watch how Citizen Space shuffles the content around as the browser window changes size.

NB Of course, the best way to really know what your consultation will be like on a mobile is to actually look at it on a mobile. Here's a handy article on some tips and hints on how to optimise your consultation for mobile.
Step 4
If you wish to exit preview mode and return to your Consultation Dashboard simply click the 'Leave preview' button in the top right hand corner.