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Retract or delete - how do I retract or delete my consultation?

Katharine Sonsie -

To retract, or 'unpublish' your consultation, go to the Consultation Dashboard for that consultation and select the Retract button. Retracting preserves any responses made by the public, and allows you to edit details of the consultation inside the 'Online Survey' area. A consultation can be retracted regardless of the Consultation status being open, closed or forthcoming.

Consultation dashboard with red retract button outlined in red for emphasis. 
To delete your consultation, select the Delete this Consultation link.

Note: Take great care when deleting consultations. Unlike computer files, they do not go into a 'Trash' folder from where they can be retrieved - they will be permanently deleted, and are then only recoverable by Delib under a Service Level Agreement (SLA). 


For more information, see our article on amending consultations.