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Internal approval - how can I get survey questions signed off internally prior to publication?

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Before publishing your activity, it may be useful for colleagues to review survey questions and see how the layout looks from a respondent's perspective. This can help ensure the structure and questions are appropriate. There are four different methods for achieving this in Citizen Space:


Method 1 - share a preview link

Citizen Space includes a feature that allows you to send a preview of your activity to someone that is not a Citizen Space administrator so that it can be signed off prior to publishing. Our article on the 'Share Preview Link' provides the instructions you need to do this.

NB This is by far the quickest and easiest way of sharing. However, there is a very small risk attached to this method which is that the activity can be viewed by anyone with the link. If you have any concerns that those you share the link with may pass the link on to others not authorised to see the activity before it's published, then method 2 below might be a safer option for you.


Method 2 - preview the activity inside Citizen Space

This second option is only available to administrators once logged into Citizen Space. You can ask them to login and review the activity in preview mode, in the same way that you have been previewing it whilst building it.

The advantage of this option is that the activity remains 100% secure. The disadvantage is the time it may take to set up a colleague as an administrator and for them to understand how to find the activity in the admin view and preview it.

The benefits of viewing the activity in preview mode is that it ensures that no actual responses are collected, thus helping to ensure that all actual activity submissions are from genuine respondents.


Method 3 - print the activity for review

The third method is to print off the questions for review (including printing to PDF), which can be achieved by following the steps in our article called 'How do I print and edit my survey?'.

This is a great option if you just need somebody to review the wording of the questions and options. This option won't be especially helpful if you want somebody else to check that your skip logic rules are working or to see how your activity performs on mobiles.


Method 4 - publish the activity as private initially

The fourth method is to change the activity to 'private' and publish it, then share it with colleagues and afterward your colleagues have reviewing it reset the activity to 'public'.

You are able to remove the responses input by your colleagues before you amend the activity back to public so that they are not included in your final analysis. You can find out about removing responses from an activity here.


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