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Internal users - how do I add and manage users?

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To add and manage users on your site, you need to select the 'Site' dropdown from the dark grey admin navigation bar across the top of the page and then select 'Settings'. This will take you to the 'Site settings' section, where you'll see that the page for managing users is the first page you come to.

On this page you'll see a list of current users. The list can filtered by department or name to help you find the right profile if you have a long list of users. 

If you're a 'Site Admin' or 'Department Admin' you will also see a link for adding new users.

Screenshot showing the link to add a new user

Once you have selected Add User, on the next screen you will see the Add User form to complete:

Screenshot showing the new user form

  • You must fill in all the sections of this form, although you only need to enter one phone number (either work or home)
  • You must assign a user to a department to enable them to build activities. If you select 'No department' that user will be added as an analyst only (see the next section of this article for more details)
  • If you're in the same location as the new user, we'd recommend you ask them to enter their password directly while you're in the process of filling out this form. This avoids having to ask them to reset their password, and keeps it more secure because only they know what their password is.

Once you've registered a new user, they do not receive an automated notification so it would be useful for you to let them know and share some introductory information to help them get up to speed. There's some further guidance on how to welcome a new user securely or how to reset a password.


Adding a user as an Analyst only

Follow the instructions to add a new user as above, but when populating their profile you will need to select 'No department' from the 'Departments' list. This will mean that your new user will only be able to analyse the activities to which they are assigned and cannot create their own activities.

If response publishing is enabled on your Citizen Space site, analysts will also be able to moderate responses for the activities to which they are assigned.

Find out how to assign users as analysts to activities.


Promoting, demoting, suspending and reinstating users

When you set up a new user, their default permission level is 'Individual Admin'. (You can learn about the different types of users and their permissions here.)

To change this, once the user has been registered, you will need to edit their profile. Find their name in the user list, go to their profile and use the Promote and Demote links to change the user's position.


Screenshot showing where the buttons are to change an admin's permission level in Citizen Space

On each user's profile, you will also find buttons in the top right hand corner to edit their profile (to change any of their details such as name, job title, email address or contact details) or suspend them from using Citizen Space. Once a user has been suspended, they will no longer be able to log into Citizen Space. In their user profile, the 'Suspend' button will be replaced by a button that you can use to reinstate their account if need be.

Screenshot showing how to edit a user's profile or suspend their account


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