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Internal Users - how do I add and manage Users?

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When you select the 'Users' link from the administrators 'Manage' bar you will see a list of current Users. If you're a 'Site Admin' or 'Department Admin' you will also see a link for adding other Users.

Once you have selected Add User, on the next screen you will see the Add User form to complete:

admins receive an email with the name of the consultation and a link to it

  • You must fill in all the sections of this form, although you only need to enter one phone number (either work or home)
  • You must assign a user to a department to enable them to build consultations, if you select 'no department' that user will be added as an analyst only (see the bottom of this article for more details)
  • We recommend typing every letter of their email address in lower case as this forms part of their log in and saves confusion! If you are copying a user's email from your email client this may make the first letters of the users first and last names capitalised.
  • If you're in the same location as the new user, we'd recommend you ask them to enter their password directly, while you're in the process of filling out this form. This avoids having to ask them to re-set their password, and keeps it more secure because only they know what their password is.

Once you've registered a new user, they do not receive an automated notification. There's some further guidance on how to welcome a new user securely, or how to re-set a password in this article.


Promoting and demoting users

You can learn about the different types of users and their permissions here.

When you set up a new User, their default status is 'Individual Admin'. To change this, once the User has been registered, you will need to edit their profile. Find their name in the User list, and use the Promote and Demote links to change the User's status. If you have lots of Users they can filtered by department or name.

Users can be promoted, demoted, suspended, reinstated and deleted and their personal details may be edited from the User's profile:

User profile with highlighted links to promote and demote, as well as reinstate, delete and edit the profile


Adding a user as an Analyst only

Follow the instructions to add a new user as above, but when populating their profile you will need to select 'No department' from the 'Departments' list. This will mean that your new user will only be able to analyse the consultations to which they are assigned and cannot create their own consultations.

This article explains how to assign users as analysts to consultations.


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