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Interests - what are Interests and how do I add them to Citizen Space?

Support -

An Interest is a searchable topic which can help your participants to find consultations that relate to them.

Interests are an optional site-wide feature which can be enabled when you are initially setting up your Citizen Space instance. Only Site Admin users can create and edit the site-wide Categories and Interests which can be applied to any consultation.

Interests are grouped within 'Categories'. You will need to add Categories and Interests into Citizen Space before you can create consultations as they are a required field in order to publish a consultation. It's good practice to decide on your Categories and Interests before you begin consulting with respondents.

How to add interests

To add Interests, select Interests in the Manage bar:

Then, add your first Category:

Image showing text field to add an interest category

Each new Category you add will go to the bottom of your Categories list.

Next, add Interests to your Category:

You can add an interest to a category. You can Disable and Edit interests and categories

Repeat this process until all of your Categories and Interests have been added. 

It is possible to disable or edit your Categories and Interests should you need to. However, take care when doing so, because if you change a Category and/or Interest that is used in a closed or open consultation then these will no longer appear on the consultations they have been assigned to.