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Departments - how do I add and manage Departments?

Support -

Both consultations and Users must be assigned to a Department when they are set up. Therefore, Departments must be added to your Citizen Space before you can create consultations. Departments can only be created and edited by Site Administrators.


Adding Departments

Step 1

To add a Department, click on the Departments link in the administrator's 'Manage' bar, and select Add Department:



Step 2

On the next screen, enter the Department name and a description:

The edit department page, requiring a department title and description

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have added all of your Departments.


Editing Departments

You can also edit the Department title and Description here, however it's worth knowing that this will not change how the Department/Team name appears in the URL of any consultations in that Department, this is so as not to break any in-progress responses. For that reason, please do ensure you enter your Department/Team names correctly.

From the same page, you can export a list of all your Departments to an .xlsx file, should you need to review or share them with someone outside of your Citizen Space administrative team. 

Important note: consultations are owned by Departments. Therefore, if the User who created a consultation moves to a new Department or leaves the organisation, their consultations must be re-assigned to other Users within the originating Department.

Note: If you are looking to review your department structure please contact your Delib Account Manager who will be able to help advise on this.


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