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Initial set up - how do I set up Citizen Space?

Rowena Farr -

Your Citizen Space site is live and you've been set up as an initial Site Administrator by Delib. Your next steps are:

Set up Departments and Users

Citizen Space internal users sit within a Department. We've got information on creating departments in our article on adding and managing Departments.

When you've set up relevant Departments, you can add users to them. You'll find information on this process in our article on adding and managing users.

Users can then be assigned an appropriate level of permission. Most organisations choose to assign 3-4 Site Admins, then set heads of departments up as Department Admins, and team members as Individual Admins.

Set up Interests, Audiences and Areas (if enabled)

It's up to you whether you have Interests, Audiences and Areas enabled on your site or not. When they're enabled they act as search parameters so that anyone visiting your site can find activities which are relevant to them. If you've asked Delib to enable these, they must be assigned to all activities your organisation creates in Citizen Space. 

You'll find information on how to set up Interests, Audiences and Areas in the following three articles:

Create your first activity

When you've set up departments and users (and areas, audiences and interests, if they're enabled), you can move on to creating your first activity.