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Passwords - how do I set (or re-set) User passwords?

Support -

There are a couple of ways you can set or re-set passwords securely, in the case of adding a new user, or resetting a forgotten one:

If you're adding a new user in the same office:

Easy! If it's a new user, ask them to enter their chosen password directly while you're in the process of setting them up. This avoids having to use the re-set password function (below) and means that only they know their password from the outset.

If you're adding a new user remotely:

When you add a new User, you'll be asked to enter a password. We strongly recommend you do not share this password, but instead use the password reset function. This is for 2 reasons:

i) Sharing it often means emailing it, which is an info sec no-no. A phone call is the best way, if you have to.

ii) A User's password should be kept confidential, but 1 other person already knows it... You!   


How to reset a user password 

1) You'll need to log out of Citizen Space to do this so before you do, we're recommend making a note of the registered email address of each user you need to generate a password for. Then log out.

2) Visit the login page (this will be <yourCitizenSpaceURL/login>). Because you logged out of your account, you'll see the standard login screen. You need to select the Forgotten your Password? link underneath the login box.



3) Enter the email address of the User whose password you want to reset (and then select Reset Password). The email address field is not sensitive to upper/lower case letters. 


4) An automatic password reset email will then be sent to the User's inbox. It will come from your Site Admin email address, and will read a little something like this:

Someone requested that the password to your account at

'Citizen Space site name'
be reset.

If this was not you, you may safely ignore this mail. If you wish to
proceed and reset your password, please visit this address:

This password reset request will expire in
hours on
Feb 26, 2014 05:37 PM.


Note that there is an expiry on the link. The content of the password reset email is not editable.

5) This link will take the User to the page below, where they can enter their new password:



6) Once you're done, you can log back into Citizen Space as yourself to carry on using the platform.

It is not possible for Site Admins to manually change passwords for other Users. 


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