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Citizen Space email notifications for internal users

Rowena Farr -

Citizen Space sends email notifications to let users within your organisation know about activity on the platform, and externally, to communicate with respondents to your activities. This article is about the different email notifications that internal admin users may receive from Citizen Space; please see this article for information about the email notifications that respondents may receive.

Automated Citizen Space emails can sometimes end up in spam/junk folders or get blocked by internal firewalls. If there's any doubt, we (Delib) may be able to check the mail logs to make sure an email did get sent.


What is the Citizen Space contact email?

When we first set up your Citizen Space instance, we will ask you for a generic contact email address. We will also create a yourorganisation@mail1.citizenspace.com email address. The latter will be the address that all of your general Citizen Space emails come FROM and any contact form messages go TO.

For instance, when a respondent has entered their email address in order to receive an email upon submission of their response, the email they receive will be from the yourorganisation@mail1.citizenspace.com address.

Emails sent to the yourorganisation@mail1.citizenspace.com will be routed to the contact email address you have provided. You can change the contact email address by emailing support@delib.net

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What email notifications are sent to Citizen Space administrators? 

1. New activity notification

Site Administrators will receive an email on creation of a new activity in the site. 

admins receive an email with the name of the consultation and a link to it 

2. Activity opening notification

Activity owners will receive an email when their activity changes from 'Forthcoming' to 'Open'.

3. Activity closure notification

Activity owners will receive an email when their activity changes from 'Open' to 'Closed'.  

4. Activity owner re-assignment

The new and old activity owner will be notified when the owner is changed.

5. Password reset email

If an administrator requests a password reset, it will come from this address.

6. Log in back-off

If this security feature is enabled on your site (it is by default on all new sites) then an admin user will get an email if the log in back-off has been triggered for their account

7. Changes to email or password via a user profile

An admin user will get an email if their password or email address has been changed on their Citizen Space profile

8. 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) disabled on their account

If this security feature is enabled on your site and has been enabled on the user’s account, they will get an email if 2FA is then disabled for any reason.