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How to delete a user

Support -

Consultations are owned by Departments, so must stay within the Department from which they originated.

If you need to delete a user from Citizen Space, you will first need to re-assign their consultations to another user within the same Department. 

Step 1

To find all of the consultations owned by the user you need to delete, log into your Citizen Space site and click on the Consultations link:

Step 2

Under Showing All Consultations header, click on the Owner header. This will sort all of the consultations by Owner:

Consultation table headers

Step 3

Open each consultation owned by the user, then click on the Edit Consultation Details link, and change the Owner for each, bearing in mind that the consultation must stay within the same Department. There is not a way to bulk change consultations to a different user. 

Step 4

Once consultations have been reassigned, you may delete the user. Click on the Users link in the Manage bar:

Step 5

Click on the user's name to go into their profile and click on the Delete link.

User profile page highlighting link to delete the user

Step 6

You will see the following message, even if you have reassigned the user's consultations. If you are sure all consultations have been reassigned, then click on the Delete User button:

A warning that deleting a user is permanent