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Fact banks

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The Online Survey tool includes an option to add a 'fact bank' at the top of the page or as part of an additional information component to a question. Fact banks are collapsed (hidden from view) by default, but can be expanded by the respondent to show more information:

Animation showing someone selecting a fact bank and it popping open to reveal the content inside, an image and some text.
Animation showing a fact bank expanding to reveal an embedded image & some text

Fact banks can also be used for embedding rich media.


Adding a fact bank to a page

Once you have added a page to your online survey, you are given the option to input a heading and content to appear in the fact bank:

Screenshot showing the edit page screen, with the option to add a fact bank


The fact bank will then appear at the top of a page, as shown below. The heading remains visible when the fact bank is collapsed.  Clicking on the heading (or the arrow to the left of the heading) reveals the content of the fact bank.

How a fact bank looks at the top of a page, expanded with information presented. Screenshot.

Please note that adding a fact bank is optional. If you choose to leave the fact bank section blank, it will not appear on your page.

Adding a fact bank to a question

You can also add a fact bank to appear as part of a question. After you have added your question you can add a fact bank in the add/edit answer components section:

The fact bank option selected in the list of answer component types when adding a new component to a question. Screenshot.


You can then add the text or embedded media you want displayed in your fact bank:

Fact bank answer component screen where you can edit the heading and add your content. Screenshot.


You can choose whether you want your fact bank to appear before or after the answer component of the question, by using the 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' links shown below:

The buttons above and below the fact bank component to change the order of components. Screenshot.


Here's an example of what a fact bank looks like when it appears above the answer component in a question:

Fact bank component located within a question, above the answer component options. Screenshot.

Adding a fact bank to the overview page

Citizen Space does not provide the functionality to automatically add a fact bank to the overview page as you can within the online survey. However it is still possible to do, by editing the source code on the page. This article contains instructions guiding you through the process.