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Email confirmation for response submission

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When a respondent fills in a consultation or survey, on the final page of the survey they are given the option to input their email address and receive an acknowledgment email with a copy of their answers. This option will appear on the "Almost done..." page of every consultation.


Please be aware: email addresses entered into this field are not saved by Citizen Space as part of the response data. They are simply used to send the acknowledgement email and then "forgotten". This is so that organisations can run anonymous surveys on their site while still offering respondents the benefit of the acknowledgement email functionality.

If you want to collect email addresses as part of your consultation, you need to include a separate email address question earlier in the survey. If you use the default email address question that appears in every new consultation, it has some special added functionality which means respondents who enter their email address in answer to it do not get asked for their email address again at the end of the survey but are automatically sent an acknowledgement email.


Text in the acknowledgment email

The acknowledgment email contains a link allowing the respondent to download a PDF copy of their submission.


For each consultation you can tailor the copy in the acknowledgment email which is sent with the response PDF.


Text on the 'Almost Done...' page

If you wish to amend the wording which sits at the top of the 'Almost Done..." page, this is a site-wide setting and can be changed by Site Admins via the 'Pages' link on the admin toolbar. More information on how to do that can be found in this article on Editing the static pages in Citizen Space.