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'Save and return' later feature

Support -

The 'Save and return' later feature allows respondents to return to the consultation at a later date without losing the information they've already entered as part of their response.

NB This feature is not available for responses that have already been completed and submitted.

Please note that the user must have cookies enabled in their web browser to use this feature.


Step 1

In order to use the 'Save and return' link, respondents will need to have completed any 'required' answer fields on that page.

At the bottom of the each page of survey questions, users can select the 'Save your response and return later' button which looks like this:


Step 2

The respondent is then asked to provide an email address on the following page*

NB: An email address entered here will not be stored by Citizen Space for any longer than is necessary to attempt to send the email. This is so responses remain anonymous.


Step 3:

Once the 'Save and Send Email' button is selected, the respondent is sent an email from your site email entitled 'Your consultation return code'. This contains a unique URL that allows them to return to their part-completed response. This link will expire when the consultation closes.



*There are three default questions in each survey in Citizen Space. If you have left the default email address question in your survey and the respondent has answered it, then they will not need to provide their email address again to use the save and return later feature.