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Release notes: Citizen Space v1.7.1 - release date 11th July 2012

Support -

 11 July 2012

Citizen Space 1.7.1 Release Announcement & Changelog

New feature - Editable static pages:

  • Added a 'page content' link to the admin menu, linking to all the pages that are editable by site admins.

 The Manage Page Content links to editable pages about the Consultation Hub, Accessibility Policy, Terms and Conditions and Confirm Submit copy

New feature - Per-page progress indicators on non-linear Quick Consults:

  • Hub page of a non-linear Quick Consult now shows a progress bar and a total X/Y questions answered for each page of the survey.

 A list of consultations with progress bars and progress reports

Styling, layout and copy improvements:

  • Can now use italic and bold text, bulleted and numbered lists in all editable pages (previously these were turned off in some places)
  • Made intro and link copy on Publish Results page clearer
  • Improved consistency of case and terminology in multiple places

Issues resolved:

  • Stopped body content being partially obscured by yellow preview bar
  • 'Clear search' button on advanced consultation finder is now a link instead of a submit button to prevent accidentally resetting the form
  • Fixed the counter on the dashboard that showed an incorrect number of custom logos
  • Fixed certain issues with resubmission of matrix questions.