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Release notes: Citizen Space v1.8.0 - release date August 8th 2012

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8 August 2012

Citizen Space 1.8.0 Release Announcement & Changelog

New feature - Private Consultations

What is it?
The Private Consultation feature enables organisations to consult on internal, or very specific issues that may not fit within their usual public engagement portfolio. Private consultations are not publicly searchable, and they do not
 feature in the Consultation Hub.

What can I use it for?
Private Consultations can be used for:

  • employee satisfaction or other internal surveys;
  • consulting stakeholders on proposed changes to organisational structure or other plans;
  • engaging with citizen panel groups.


The feature may also be used to consult a very specific group of people. For example, the url of the consultation could be provided to a particular demographic in order to gain insights. 

How do I set up a Private Consultation?
To create a Private Consultation, set up a Citizen Space consultation as per usual. At the bottom of the main consultation setup page, there is now an option to Make this consultation private.

A private consultation can only be found in searches by administrators. Other users can be given a difficult to guess URL

Once a consultation is made private, the pathname becomes alpha-numeric, and therefore publicly non-searchable:

an example URL including 4c1cebe3

Private Consultations are not password-protected, nor will they ensure that only a certain group of people will respond to the consultation. 


New feature - Editable privacy and cookies information

What is it?
The ability to include your own privacy and cookie information text in your Citizen Space instance. All Citizen Space consultations have standard privacy and cookie policy information, which can be seen here. You may wish to update this to include information that is specific to your organisation.

How do I do that?
To add privacy and cookie text specific to your organisation, click on the Pages link in the Manage bar:

Image of link to Manage Pages page

Then, select 'Cookie Policy' from the menu, and add your text. This will not replace the existing text; it will appear below the standard Citizen Space privacy and cookie text.

Issues resolved in v1.8.0:

  • When downloading all response data to a large CSV file, Citizen Space will no longer time out.
  • The Search page no longer implies that respondents can search for a consultation by postcode when no Areas have been assigned to the consultation.
  • Line breaks are now shown for Quick Consult survey responses in the Citizen Space admin area, and also in the PDF report for Quick Consult survey responses.