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Release notes: Citizen Space v1.9.1 - release date September 13 2012

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September 13 2012

Citizen Space v1.9.1 Release Announcement & Changelog

This month we’ve turned our attentions to improving the overall customer experience of Citizen Space, both for admin users and consultation respondents. We’ve got a bumper crop of fixes and enhancements to share with you, so let’s get stuck in.

Update to consultation types
We have updated the descriptive text for each type of consultation to make it clearer which one to choose. We’ve done away with the term ‘Quick Consult’ and this will now be referred to as ‘Online Survey’. All of our consultation types are now more clearly presented:

Consultation types include Online Survey, Email/Postal Consultation, Link and Offline Consultation

Improved site appearance
We’ve made some stylistic changes to the app, such as improving the header font, and improving the appearance of links. Also, the text editors in the back end are now much more attractive. There are about a dozen of these types of fixes, and it would be boring for you to have to read them all. In a nutshell, Citizen Space just looks better now.


Improved text
Text in various place across the site has now been updated to be more clear and concise.  Improvements include:

  • better message when a user tries to delete a page, question or subquestion
  • improved help text shown when the Password Reset link is clicked
  • we've added a Privacy page, so that privacy information is absolutely easy for end users to find quickly
  • other legal pages are clarified: Terms and Conditions is now Terms of Use; Cookies information is now clearly presented in a dedicated page 
  • headers in admin sections now wrap more attractively when the header has to break over two lines
  • we’ve removed most of the Cancel buttons from forms as they were redundant, and accidentally clicking them caused lost work for admin Users
  • submit / save buttons have improved copy which helps usability


Enhanced User experience
It’s now even easier to navigate Citizen Space and set up new consultations. We’ve made site-wide improvements to several areas, such as:

  • wider fields for entering consultation titles, pathnames and other text
  • you will now see the number of both complete and incomplete responses in the consultation dashboard
  • the order of fields in the form for editing User profiles has been improved
  • when you preview a consultation, the preview defaults to that consultation’s Open state, (which is the most important view for most users)


Other Fixes
Here, too, there’s quite a handful of general improvements we’ve made, but just to name a few:

  • When viewing a consultation using the Google Chrome browser, an annoying indent would be added to every paragraph. We’ve fixed this.
  • You can now add a video to the Results section of your consultation using the Source option.
  • The ‘Send image file to server’ link in the editor of an Offline Consultation text now works.