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Release notes: Citizen Space v1.9.4 - release date 8 November 2012

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8 November 2012
Citizen Space 1.9.4 - Release Announcement & Changelog

New features

  • We've added JSON support to API search results and the consultation aggregator. You might not know what this means, but your developers are going to love it! This feature benefits developers by offering an additional format when integrating results from Citizen Space into other websites or apps.
  • There's a whole host of information about the Citizen Space API here.

  • Public-facing: we've updated the article 'What is RSS?', which public users can find in 'Advanced Search'.  You can read more about RSS here.
  • When you're creating online consultations: we have added status messages to report any errors in 'Add' and 'Edit' pages for answer components. The page description from the top of the 'Move Questions' page has been removed, as it was confusing.
  • When you're reviewing your consultation responses: We have removed the number of incomplete responses from dashboard as it was causing confusion; our product roadmap contains a more robust approach to reporting incomplete responses. Also, the layout of checkboxes when filtering responses has been improved to make it simpler to cross-tabulate responses:
An example question with an option to answer by text or a matrix of checkboxes
  • Analysts now have permission to add a new response to a consultation that has no existing responses (for example when inputting hard-copy responses). Previously only Administrators could do this.

We've fixed a few things which were bugging us:

  • Changed all references to 'External Link' => 'Link'.
  • Changed references to 'QuickConsult' => 'Online Survey'.
  • Ensured the IE8 print stylesheet is only used when printing.
  • Fixed the search on consultation start and end dates, which could return incorrect results.

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