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Release notes: Citizen Space v1.9.7 - release date January 30, 2013

Kate Laine-Toner -

Hello Citizen Spacers!

It's Citizen Space release time again. We update and improve Citizen Space on a monthly basis as part of our continuous improvement process.

Here is our Release Announcement for Citizen Space v1.9.7:

New Features!

  • New support tab: logged-in administrators will be able to search our Knowledge Base for articles, and submit a support request using this tab without leaving Citizen Space. Support requests will automatically contain the link to the page you are on when you request help, which makes it easier for our Support Team to get back to you :) 


  • Help links: we’ve put a few help links around Citizen Space which link to articles in our online helpdesk. Articles like ‘how do I create a new consultation?’ are now easy to find when you need them. We’ll add more links over time.


  • To make searching for consultations easier: in the Advanced Consultation Finder for public users and the Manage Consultations page for administrators, Departments, Audiences and Interests are now sorted alphabetically in the drop-down lists. Previously, they were listed in the order they were created. 

Stuff we fixed

  • We fixed a display issue with homepage consultation listings and advanced consultation finder, which appeared in some browsers.

Our new Mapping Example Consultation is ready!


We are pioneering a cool new answer component with some of our customers, and we’ve now created a demo consultation so you can try it out for yourself. The demo highlights four main ways you could use the mapping answer component to plan new services, land usage and travel routes. To check it out, go to http://labs.citizenspace.com/delib/example_mapping_consultation. The mapping answer component will be available for all customers later this year.

How other customers are using Citizen Space...

Stockport CCG

Connecting with hard-to-reach audiences can be a challenging aspect to citizen engagement. Stockport CCG has perfected the art of engaging with patients by running consultations which target very specific groups, such as the elderly, men and deaf patients. Stockport CCG uses Citizen Space prolifically, and also uses the software to run internal consultations to garner staff and stakeholder feedback. 
Read more about how Stockport CCG use Citizen Space 

Leicester City Council

Citizen Space can be used to consult about anything that affects your community. Leicester City are currently consulting on arts venues in their constituency in order to plan for the future. The consultation features in-depth questions about how citizens use - or don't use - each of three venues in the city, and how they feel about arts funding and activities in general.
Go to Leicester City Council's arts venues consultation