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Release notes: Citizen Space v1.9.8 - release date February 27, 2013

Kate Laine-Toner -

Hello Citizen Spacers!

It's Citizen Space release time again. We update and improve Citizen Space on a monthly basis as part of our continuous improvement process.

Here is our Release Announcement for Citizen Space v1.9.8:

Improved response submission process

When using the online survey tool, the response submission text is now clearer. We felt the text was a bit waffly, and that there were too many steps in the process. The easiest way to demonstrate this is a good set of before-and-after screenshots.

The first step of this process, at the end of a survey, used to be this:


We've now replaced this 'Go to submit your response' box with a simple 'Finish' button. 
Clicking on 'Go to submit your response' took the participant to this page:


We've tidied this page up, so now, at the end of the survey, the participant sees this:


We've also made it easier for participants to leave the survey and either come back later or clear their answers altogether, by changing the box at the bottom of each survey page and making the process less complicated:






Stuff we fixed

As usual, we fixed some bugs in order to make Citizen Space even better than it already is. For example, in Chrome 25 (the latest version of the Chrome browser), we fixed an alignment issue on the boxes in the Consultation Hub.

Until next time...

We're already looking forward to next month when we'll update you with more enhancements and new features!