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Release notes: Citizen Space v1.10.0 - release date April 2, 2013

Annabel Harrison -

We've had lots of new additions to the Citizen Space family since the last release, so a big 'hello and welcome' to Metro South Health in Brisbane, Dublin and Birmingham City Councils, and DEFRA, to name but a few. Don't forget that you can easily glean inspiration from how other organisations use Citizen Space by looking at our handy Consultation Aggregator which shows all public, published consultations.

We update and improve Citizen Space on a monthly basis as part of our continuous improvement process. This announcement covers what got up to during the month of March.

Here is our Release Announcement for Citizen Space v1.10.0:

What's new

Style improvements

You'll notice these in quite a few places, such as the Consultation Dashboard and the administrator log-in page. This is the start of a gradual Citizen Space makeover, and you'll start to see more changes over the next few releases.

Email list management
It's now easier to use Citizen Space with MailChimp. You can continue to use the existing Mailing List tool within Citizen Space, but this integration will mean you can utilise more powerful functionality that comes with this awesome email app.

If you'd like this feature to be active on your Citizen Space instance, please get in touch by emailing - Rowena, Dan or Karl will contact you to get the ball rolling. 

Once in place, an additional tab will be visible to members of the public:


This will take the user to the MailChimp registration form, where they can sign up to 
receive emails which relate to the 'Areas' and 'Interests' you use in Citizen Space:


You can read a more detailed article about this plug-in here

Response Moderation & Publishing

We know that for some of our customers, the ability to moderate and publish qualitative responses would be extremely beneficial. So we've been working hard over the last couple of months to bring this to fruition, and we reckon we've cracked it. If this feature is important to you, we'd really like to talk to you about becoming one of our feature pioneers. This would be akin to using a Beta-stage product - it is 'production ready' but there might be ways we can improve the work-flow and user interface, and we'd really value the input that can only be gained by your every-day usage.

Want to learn more about response publishing? Email us at

Bug fixes
As usual, we've sorted out some small glitches to make Citizen Space even better than before.  

Reporting tools 
We've implemented some tools to help us understand how end-users interact with Citizen Space and, as a result, we'll be able to start giving you more insight and statistics in the coming months, as well as use this to prioritise future enhancements to the end-user interface.

Tips & Tricks

Get your consultation noticed by adding images


Using images in your online consultations and engagement activities helps make them more interesting and memorable. Karl Orsborn explains the science behind image use, and provides some helpful links to image banks you can use to jazz up your consultations.

Liven up your surveys with colourful question headings


Adding colourful question headers to your consultation can brighten it up and make it more accessible, especially for younger respondents. This step-by-step guide shows you how to make coloured headers.