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Release Notes: Citizen Space v1.14.0 - released 17 September 2013

Annabel Harrison -

What's New?

For some time, we've been wanting to introduce the ability to copy, or clone, consultations within Citizen Space, and many of our customers have asked about it too. As a feature, it has presented various challenges for our developers, but we're really pleased to announce its arrival in this latest release.

There's also a small but important improvement for the PDF Report, and a bug fix for a problem affecting some IE7 users. More about them later, but first of all, we can't wait any longer to tell you about the latest feature! So, without further ado...

Introducing survey cloning!

Now, from the Consultation Dashboard, you'll be able to clone (or duplicate) an existing consultation to a new draft consultation. This is useful if you run consultations which you need to repeat over time (such as an Annual Staff Survey), or replicate over different Areas or Departments. Another great way to use survey cloning to your benefit is to create consultation templates, which could include standard text or default questions. 

To clone a consultation, just head to the existing consultation's dashboard. Here you'll see a slightly revised view, grouping 'Print', 'Clone' and 'Delete' this Survey in one place:

Screenshot of the Consultation Dashboard showing 'Clone this Consultation' to the right if the screen underneath 'Print Survey' 

Once you select 'Clone this Consultation' you will be able to change the title and URL for the new consultation.  If you are a Site Administrator, then you will also be able to choose which department the new consultation will be created in, from the drop-down list:

 Screenshot of Clone Consultation page. There are inputs for the title, department and URL of the new consultation

Select "Clone Consultation", and on the following page you'll see a summary, listing the differences between the original and cloned consultation, with a link to continue to the new consultation:

Screen shot showing some example difference between the Original and New consultation

You can clone a consultation that is in any state, but the duplicated consultation will always start as a draft. You can read a more detailed article about cloning consultations on our Knowledge Base.

What else?

Email notifications: now, Consultation Owners will only receive email notifications when their consultation changes from 'Forthcoming' > 'Open' or 'Open' > 'Closed' if that consultation is published. Previously these would also be generated when a consultation was in draft.

The PDF Summary Report: this reporting feature is still in beta, however, to avoid confusion when a report is generated more than once during a consultation, we've added an automatic date and time stamp to the filename, so it'll appear in the following format: report-dd-month-yyyy--hh-mm

IE7 bug fix: we reported recently that some Citizen Space administrators using Internet Explorer 7 may have been experiencing this problem, when attempting to log-in. We've fixed that.

News and other things

Featured Consultation

Transport for London's current consultation Going cashless on TfL bus services has received a lot of press attention and high levels of response. We also really like how they've set up their FAQs page - as an External Link consultation, which links straight into the Online Survey. 

GOV.UK for Citizen Space users

If you're one of the UK Government Departments, agencies or public organisations which is part of GOV.UK, then we'd really recommend this recent post from the Inside GOV.UK team - it highlights some best practice tips for listing consultations from Citizen Space on GOV.UK

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