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Release Notes: Citizen Space v1.14.1 - released 16 October 2013

Annabel Harrison -

Since the last release, we've been working on a number of issues requested by customers. These small improvements contribute to the incremental advancement of Citizen Space, which is developed on an iterative cycle. Also in this release announcement, some ideas on how consultation cloning (which we introduced as a new feature last month) can help you, aside from the obvious.

What's new?

Social media options

Social media widgets (that's the Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons which appear on each Consultation Overview page beneath Share This Consultation) are automatically turned on for any public consultation (and always off for private consultations).

Social Media widgets for Twitter and Facebook

For certain customers and territories this just isn't suitable, but to remove them always involved a lot of tinkering for our developers, plus testing. Now, it's super simple for us to turn these off.

So, if you would like us to remove the Share This Consultation and the Twitter and Facebook widgets, drop us an email at - although please note, this will apply across the whole of your Citizen Space, it's not per consultation.


Consultation Finder search results

When both Citizen Space administrators and members of the public used the Consultation Finder (from the 'Find Consultations' tab), the search results would display consultations by creation date. This was confusing to users. These results now show in order of the date that a consultation closes (with the most recent first).


Bug fixes

We fixed a number of issues that have been reported by you or found by us. If you're having a problem with Citizen Space, you can report it to us at It helps heaps if you provide a few key pieces of information:

  • The browser and operating system you are using (e.g. IE8 on Windows XP)
  • The URL of the page you were on when you experienced the problem
  • Any preceding steps that we may need to do to recreate your issue
  • Screenshots are always useful


This is not so new, but a timely reminder about the Events functionality, which we introduced back in June as a pioneer feature. If you use Citizen Space to list consultation events (such as a public meeting, or an exhibition for development proposals) this feature enables you to show them in a calendar and enables your stakeholders to add them directly to their diary.


You'll find the full detail about the functionality of the feature, and some of the limitations at the pioneer stage, in this Knowledge Base article

We need to enable this feature for you, you can request this by emailing us at Please note that when Events is enabled it replaces the Forthcoming Consultations column on your Consultation Hub.


News and other things

Featured Consultation


bba_logo_400.jpgWe really like the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham's current H&F Brilliant Business Awards 2013 - asking residents to nominate their favourite local businesses and heroes. They've used a non-linear survey to clearly display each of the award categories, as well as doing some CSS editing to create their Nominate Now button! We've written an article to help you do this too, although it does require some knowledge of HTML.


5 example uses for consultation cloning!

In the last release, we introduced survey cloning. Since then, the list of ways it's contributed to other solutions just keeps on growing. Rowena's recent blog post looks at the ways it has already helped customers so far. 


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