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Release notes: Citizen Space v.1.19 October 8th 2014

Rowena Farr -

In our October release of Citizen Space, we're really pleased to include the addition of visual charts to our reporting functionality so that you can more clearly see the breakdown of responses to your consultations. Not only that, but we've been working hard behind the scenes to strengthen the hosting and infrastructure environment of your instances, in order to support the ever-increasing use of Citizen Space by all of our users. And, as usual, we've been fixing bugs, tidying up and making little tweaks here and there to improve your experience of using the app.

What's new

Charts to reporting by question

Citizen Space now has an easier way to view qualitative responses by question, in the form of lovely charts. 


When you view 'Responses organised by question' you will now see a visual overview of how many respondents have chosen a particular answer option. To give you as much detail as possible, we've also included a hover-over function, which highlights the key statistics for each answer and you can click on each bar to take you through to those responses.

If you are choosing to group by two questions, you will see handy stacked charts - e.g. in the example below, we're looking at respondents' views on which police service they value the most, broken down by the area in which they live:


To help you get started we have written a knowledge base article which explains more, but why not go and give them a whirl on your own site!

What else?

Stronger hosting

We've been working hard behind the scenes to improve our hosting infrastructure via an appropriately (although not excitingly) titled ‘production infrastructure sprint’. Some of you will have already been notified and moved to a new hosting environment; we are moving everyone slowly and steadily to this improved hosting, and in classic Delib fashion, testing rigorously as we go.

We're doing this proactively, as we recognise that all of our users are generating more and more consultations and attracting increasing numbers of respondents, which is great to see, and we want to ensure Citizen Space continues to meet those needs.

Tweaks and tidies

Sometimes little things make all the difference - we've added quicker navigation between questions when viewing responses by question, made sure you're warned if responses would be counted more than once when viewing responses organised by question, such as when grouping by a question which allows selecting multiple answers, and much more besides.

And as usual, we've fixed bugs, done some other tidying and rectified some issues to improve your experience, and that of your respondents, when using Citizen Space.

Here's some we made earlier...

Skip logic

You can route respondents through your surveys based on their answers to quantitative questions. We see this being used by many of you and have enjoyed being able to help on all of your new surveys using routing.

Here's some more detail for those yet to delve into the world of skip logic

PDF Embedder

Last release, we enabled you to embed PDFs directly into Citizen Space so you can easily share your documents and information with respondents on the overview pages and even within the survey itself. A great way to show documents without lots of copy and pasting!

Here's more about how to get PDFs into your consultations

Consultation preview link for anonymous users

You can now share a draft consultation with someone who doesn't use Citizen Space, with the purpose of review or approval by colleagues or senior team members who don't have Citizen Space access.

You can read about full functionality in this article

Response removal

You can now remove individual responses, with a valid reason - for example, clearing duplicates when adding responses manually. Responses can be removed individually, and easily viewed and re-instated from the Consultation Dashboard. A submitted response will never be unretrievable.

For a more detailed walk-through of this feature, visit our Knowledge Base article.

Editable 'Call-to-Action' link text

We made it possible for you to change the 'Online Survey' link text on the Consultation Overview, and in email/postal consultations too. You'll find a new field labelled 'Call to Action' when setting up your survey. This field will continue to default to Online Survey if you don't want to change it. Full instructions can be found in this article.

In other news

Welcome to our new customers!

Our newest Citizen Space customers this month are Edinburgh City Council.  Remember, you can get updates on all consultations running in Citizen Space by subscribing to the Citizen Space Aggregator.

Citizen Space training

We recently ran a consultation for customers who have received Citizen Space training, and were delighted that 98.5% of respondents would recommend our training to others.  In response to the feedback we received, we now have three training courses available that cover everything from managing consultations to best practice consultation design.  Here's some more information about our new training programmes.

We can also provide tailored support and training for specific features via conference calls.

Citizen Space user group

This year has seen the first ever Citizen Space user group meeting in the UK, bringing a few of you together to meet face to face and discuss all things consultation. Our second meeting is on Monday Oct 13th and we'll keep you updated with future events and meet ups. Plus, if you're keen, we'll make sure you're included in any ongoing virtual network of users - just let us know.

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