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Release Notes: Citizen Space v1.17.0 - released 14th May 2014

Rowena Farr -

In our May release of Citizen Space, we're really pleased to include the addition of a PDF document embedder alongside the ability to include fact banks more widely in non-linear surveys. 

What's new

PDF document embedder

WYSIWYG text editor with document viewer icon highlighted.png

Citizen Space now has an easy way to upload and embed your PDFs, making it simple to visually display reference documents for your consultation.  Adding a PDF is now as simple as uploading a file and replaces the need to use tools like Scribd or Google Viewer.

You can use our new embedder wherever you can find our rich text editor (including fact banks) and it's as easy as clicking on the new icon (see image above) and uploading your file. 

To help you get started we have written a knowledge base article that steps you through the process.

Additional fact banks

Following customer requests, we have included a fact bank on the consultation contents page for non-linear surveys.

A fact bank provides you with a flexible way to include additional information to participants without pushing your questions to the bottom of the page.

We've also recently added the ability to edit the headings of all fact banks.

What else?

We’ve had a busy time here at Delib and we’ve released a lot of new features in the past six months.   We've summarised all the improvements we made in 2013, but here’s a reminder of some good stuff recently added to Citizen Space.

Consultation preview link for anonymous users

You can now share a draft consultation with someone who doesn't use Citizen Space, with the purpose of review or approval by colleagues or senior team members who don't have Citizen Space access.

You can read about full functionality in this article

Response removal

You can now remove individual responses, with a valid reason - for example, clearing duplicates when adding responses manually. Responses can be removed individually, and easily viewed and re-instated from the Consultation Dashboard. A submitted response will never be unretrievable.

For a more detailed walk-through of this feature, visit our Knowledge Base article.

Editable 'Call-to-Action' link text

We made it possible for you to change the 'Online Survey' link text on the Consultation Overview, and in email/postal consultations too. You'll find a new field labelled 'Call to Action' when setting up your survey. This field will continue to default to Online Survey if you don't want to change it. Full instructions can be found in this article.

In other news

Welcome to our new customers!

Our newest Citizen Space customers this month are Dorset Fire, Network Rail, GEM CSU, Melton Borough Council and the West Australian Department of Planning.  Remember, you can get updates on all consultations running in Citizen Space by subscribing to the Citizen Space Aggregator.

Citizen Space training

We recently ran a consultation for customers who have received Citizen Space training, and were delighted that 98.5% of respondents would recommend our training to others.  In response to the feedback we received, we now have three training courses available that cover everything from managing consultations to best practice consultation design.  Here's some more information about our new training programmes.

We can also provide tailored support and training for specific features via conference calls.

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