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Release notes: Citizen Space v1.20 November 10th 2014

Rowena Farr -

In our November release of Citizen Space, we've taken some of the feedback into account from our first ever local government user group and discussions with customers to include a couple of new additions and some security enhancements to Citizen Space.

We're also continuing to work hard behind the scenes to strengthen the hosting and infrastructure environment of your instances, in order to support the ever-increasing use of Citizen Space by all of our users. And, of course, we've been fixing bugs, and completed some tidying up to improve your experience of using the app.

What's new

PDF receipts now available to admins

Respondents have always been able to download a PDF receipt on submission of their response.  We have now added the ability for consultation admins and analysts to download this same receipt from the "Responses by Respondent" page or when viewing an individual response.



Being able to download a PDF copy of an individual's response provides the following benefits:

  • Administrators can have a like-for-like copy of an individual's response.  If you have a key responder whose response you would like to print and review, this can be especially useful.
  • If a respondent ever re-requests a copy of their response then this is available for you to send to them.
  • Enables administrators to view an individual's response in a 'clean' format (i.e. without analysis questions and other response metadata)

Searching by outcomes

Citizen Space administrators can now search for consultations that include (or do not include) published results or We Asked, You Said, We Did. 




This is useful for auditing outcomes and seeing which consultations are still awaiting results or feedback. Some customers use their Citizen Space instances in conjunction with an associated workflow to check which consultations have results associated with them, and which do not. We hope that this will prompt more administrators to complete the consultation feedback loop!

What else?

Security enhancements

To minimise the risk of introducing security vulnerabilities, all changes to Citizen Space are audited internally by our developers and our QA team before being released.  In addition, the product is periodically vulnerability tested by independent testing companies to ensure that Citizen Space remains secure.  The latest vulnerability test was conducted in October 2014 and suggested two improvements we could make:

  • We've prevented Citizen Space from being embedded in iframes on 3rd party sites for logged-in users.  This helps reduce the risk of clickjacking.
  • We've prevented the admin login form from being auto-completed.  This means that your web browser will no longer offer to save your password after logging in.  This is a recommended security measure for sensitive applications such as Citizen Space.

We are continually reviewing security best practices and from time to time we will add features that enhance the security of the system.  Sometimes these are invisible to the end-user, but if they affect user experience then we will always mention them in release announcements.

Tweaks and tidies

As usual, we've fixed bugs, done some tidying and rectified some pesky browser-specific issues to improve your experience, and that of your respondents, when using Citizen Space. Tweaks include the inclusion of a horizontal scroll bar on the "Responses by question" page if the tables are wider than the page.

UI/UX improvements

In order to improve your user experience when creating online surveys in Citizen Space, we have modified the sidebar when editing surveys so that pages and questions expand without a page reload and without having to click on the 'cog' icon.

Here's some we made earlier...

Consultation preview link for anonymous users

You can now share a draft consultation with someone who doesn't use Citizen Space, with the purpose of review or approval by colleagues or senior team members who don't have Citizen Space access.

You can read about full functionality in this article

Editable 'Call-to-Action' link text

We made it possible for you to change the 'Online Survey' link text on the Consultation Overview, and in email/postal consultations too. You'll find a new field labelled 'Call to Action' when setting up your survey. This field will continue to default to Online Survey if you don't want to change it. Full instructions can be found in this article.

In other news

Welcome to our new customers!

Our newest Citizen Space customer this month is HS2.  Remember, you can get updates on all consultations running in Citizen Space by subscribing to the Citizen Space Aggregator.

Citizen Space training

We've been out and about training Citizen Space customers this month in London and Edinburgh in the UK and on the west coast of Australia. We always ensure that customers trained are provided with a feedback survey to let us know how our courses can be continually improved. Alongside our three main training courses, we are also happy to provide tailored support and training for specific features via screen-shares and conference calls.

Citizen Space user group

This year has seen our first ever user group meetings in the UK, giving customers the opportunity to meet both us and other leads in online consultation. Following our second successful user group meeting in Birmingham in October we are looking to run two user groups again next year. If you missed the meet-up, but would like to read more about the key learnings, we've written a blog which includes the key feedback from the day.

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